I have blended my own teas from ALL Organic Herbs.

I am a Registered Dietitian; I have a Culinary Arts degree, a Masters Certification in Complementary Medicine, and a Masters in Public Health. I have always been interested in health and good flavors I have put a lot of passion into my teas and I know you will find them enjoyable.


Vivid Teas: Dedicated to enhancing the Health & Wellness of  our customers.

Vivid Means:

1. Strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc.: a vivid green.

2. full of life; lively; animated: a vivid personality.

3. Presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life; realistic: a vivid account.

4. Strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible: a vivid recollection.

5. Forming distinct and striking mental images: a vivid imagination


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