What is a Tisane


Tisanes are usually categorized by what part of the plant they come from.

Some examples of each of the major categories of tisanes:
Leaf tisanes: lemon balm, mint, and lemongrass

Flower tisanes: rose, chamomile,  lavender and hibiscus

Bark tisanes: cinnamon, slippery elm and black cherry bark

Root tisanes: ginger, ginseng, echinacea and chicory

Fruit/berry tisane: raspberry, blueberry, peach and apple

Seed/spice tisanes: cardamom, caraway and fennel

We will be using only the finest Organic herbs and teas

Why the name “Vivid”?


Vivid Means:

1. Strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc.: a vivid green.
2. full of life; lively; animated: a vivid personality.
3. Presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life; realistic: a vivid account.
4. Strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible: a vivid recollection.
5. Forming distinct and striking mental images: a vivid imagination

Some examples of our Organic Teas


Voodoo Electric-if you like Red Bull or Monster this will be the tea for you!
Love Potion #10- One better than #9! a mixture of yohimbe and other herbs to get your blood flowing.
Black Magic Moon- A Coconut Vanilla Chia Tea, to enjoy during the evening hours, YUM!
The Curvy Goddess- Will help control blood sugars and cravings while promoting weight loss.
Mirror Mirror- To help promote clear skin and GEORGEOUSNESS!!